Folding Notebook Cooler Pad w/2 60mm Fans (Gray/Black)

This cooling desk desk pad operates sensitively as well as helps keep your laptop cool. An overheated laptop can lead to the series of untimely as well as dear problems, together with indolent performance, battery fires as well as burnt-out processors. Protect your investment by gripping your laptop cold as well as using properly!

*Powered by your computer's USB port. No one more energy supply needed.*

product: USB Foldable Laptop Notebook Cooler Pad With 2 Cooling Fans
Condition: 100% Brand New
Color: Black
Function: Cooling desk desk pad fits any laptop next to to or obtuse than itself in distance (14", 13", 12", 10", 7" etc). Prevents laptop from removing as well hot. Very easy to lift with your laptop.
Power Supplied: Supplied from USB Port of your laptop or USB HUB.
Fans: Two quiet, built-in fans for discerning as well as easy feverishness dissipation
Voltage: DC 5V
Size(folded): 170x66x18mm
Size(expanded): 280x170x18mm

Condition & Warranty: This object is 100% BRAND NEW! 3 Months BY SELLER.

Package Contents: 1 x 2-Fan USB Laptop Cooling Pad Cooler

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