Super-Capacity Li-ion Battery For Toshiba Satellite P200 array reinstate PA3536U-1BRS , PA3537U-1BAS , PA3537U-1BRS , PABAS100 , PABAS101 array Ac Laptop Notebook Main Battery [ 7200mAh 9 Cells]

Replacement For : TOSHIBA: PA3536U-1BRS , PA3537U-1BAS , PA3537U-1BRS , PABAS100 , PABAS101 Fit Machine Models: TOSHIBA Equium P200-178 Equium P200-1ED,Equium P200 Series, Satellite P200-10A,Satellite P200-10C, Satellite P200-10G,Satellite P200-10O,Satellite P200-10T,Satellite P200-11P,Satellite P200-123 Satellite P200-12D,Satellite P200-12U,Satellite P200-12V,Satellite P200-12W,Satellite P200-136, Satellite P200-139,Satellite P200-13B,Satellite P200-13F,Satellite P200-13H,Satellite P200-13I, Satellite P200-1G4,Satellite P200-1G7,Satellite P200-1G8,Satellite P200D-107,Satellite P200D-108, Satellite P200D-10A,Satellite P200D-10L,Satellite P200D-10P,Satellite P200D-111,Satellite P200D-11G, Satellite P200D-11J,Satellite P200D-11M,Satellite P200D-11R,Satellite P200D-1FI,Satellite P200D-1FW, Satellite P200D Series, Satellite P200 Series, Satellite P200-ST2061,Satellite P200-ST2071, Satellite P205D-S7429,Satellite P205D-S7436,Satellite P205D-S7438,Satellite P205D-S7439, Satellite P205D-S7454,Satellite P205D-S7479,Satellite P205D Series, Satellite P205-S6237, Satellite P205-S6247,Satellite P205-S6257,Satellite P205-S6267,Satellite P205-S6277, Satellite P205-S6287,Satellite P205-S6297,Satellite P205-S6298,Satellite P205-S6307,Satellite P205-S6327, Satellite P205-S6337,Satellite P205-S6347,Satellite P205-S6348,Satellite P205-S7469,Satellite P205-S7476, Satellite P205-S7482,Satellite P205-S7484,Satellite P205 Series, Satellite Pro P200-14W,Satellite Pro P200-150, Satellite Pro P200-15E,Satellite Pro P200-19R,Satellite Pro P200HD-1DT,Satellite Pro P200HD-1DV, Satellite Pro P200 Series, Satellite X200-203

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